Exchange: Administrator might have insufficient permissions to the mailbox

ISSUE: "DOMAIN\Administrator" might have insufficient permissions to the mailbox (when creating MS Exchange mail level backup set)

    1. Product Version:
AhsayOBM: All
OS: Windows
    1. Problem Description:
When creating a MS Exchange mail level backup set, the following error message is received in the AhsayOBM console:

"DOMAIN\Administrator" might have insufficient permissions to the mailbox
    1. Cause:
The message suggests that AhsayOBM had failed to connect to the MS Exchange database via MAPI due to permission issue.
    1. Resolution:
Mail Level Backup requires "Full Mailbox Access" permission for the user running AhsayOBM. For MS Exchange server 2007, you can grant access privileges to the user running AhsayOBM by issuing the command:

Get-Mailbox | Add-MailboxPermission -AccessRights FullAccess -user Username

For MS Exchange server 2003, please refer to Chapter 14.3 of the AhsayOBM User's Guide

If the problem persist, please ensure that the account in concern is mailbox-enabled. A mailbox-enabled user is a Windows Active Directory user that has one or more Exchange Server mailboxes associated with it (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/275636/en-us).

Please also ensure that the email address of the affected user is not hidden from the Global Address List.

If the suggestions above cannot resolve the issue, please also verify if the MAPI profile used by AhsayOBM is configured properly. You can do so by following the instructions below:

  1. Download the MAPI editor (MfcMapi.exe)

    Please download the MFCMAPI 32 bit executable.

  2. Open the MAPI editor

  3. Select [Profile], and then [Show Profile]:


  4. Right click on the [Online Backup Manager] profile

  5. Select [Open Profile]:


  6. Right click on the [Microsoft Exchange Server] entry and then select [Configure Service]:


  7. Enter the corresponding information, press [Check Name] for validation, and then press [Apply] afterward:


  8. Once done, please restart the AhsayOBM client software
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